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7 Rules for Reading Resumes

You have an open position in your team. You put out a job posting and a flood of resumes have arrived. What would a small business expert recommend for wading through the piles of resumes on your desk (or in your email)? Rules for Reviewing Resumes Here are seven rules you can use while reviewing

2 Signs You Might Need to Change Your Marketing Strategy

You have a marketing strategy. It may be one you developed years ago. It may be one you developed just a couple of months ago. However, something seems to be wrong. You are not getting the number of leads you expected and sales are flat or falling. It may be time for a marketing strategy

3 Creative Ways to Generate New Leads

Are you looking for new and creative ways to generate leads for your business? Sometimes you need to get creative to jumpstart your lead generation process. Adding just a bit of creativity can expand your audience and attract plenty of attention to what your company has to offer. Let’s Get Creative Here are three creative

6 Tactics to Make Your Marketing More Effective

Do you have an unlimited marketing budget? If you are like most business owners, the answer is “no”. That is why you need to make sure your marketing as effective as possible. Tactics for Making Your Marketing More Effective Here are six tactics recommended by business mentorship programs. Describe what you do or what you

4 Rules For Finding New Customers

How do you find new customers? In today’s technology focused age, finding prospects can be a challenge. This topic is so challenging that it is a hot topic among small business speakers. Some of the rules are the same as they were before. However, with changes in consumer behavior and expectations, some rules are completely

How to Generate 20 Leads in 24 Hours

Leads are the fuel that drives the sales cycle. Without leads, your sales efforts will dwindle quickly before coming to a complete halt. If you find that your lead flow is slowing down, generating more leads quickly will help keep your sales efforts going. Generating 20 leads in 24 hours Here are a few ways

Getting Smart With Lead Generation

Generating consumer interest in your company’s products and services is key to increasing your sales. Lead generation focuses on creating, nurturing and monitoring prospects’ interest in what you have to offer so that your sales team can approach them for conversion. With limited time and budget available, business training experts will tell you that you

What No One Tells You About Networking

Networking sounds so easy on paper. There are tons of articles and mentoring programs out there that give you a series of steps to follow so you can start networking and building your business. When you get out there and try it yourself, it is not as easy as they make it out to be.