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How to Completely Change Your Employees’ Productivity

How can you transform the productivity level of your employees? That is a question that nags at business owners and managers alike. If you do a quick internet search, you will find lists upon lists of tips “to make your employees more productive”. And many of those team building ideas work.

However, if you truly want to change your employees’ productivity, you have to rethink and restructure your thinking.

How to Transform Your Employee’s Productivity

The secret to a highly productive employee? A happy, motivated employee who feels appreciated.

  • Be familiar with and respectful of your employee’s outside life. Did you know that Bob is going through an ugly divorce? Or that Karen is struggling as a single mom? It is important for a team leader to know something of what is going on in an employee’s life outside of work. And being flexible, where possible, in accommodating that person’s need for time-off or working different hours. Flexible work hours, or Results Only Work Environments, can make a big difference for people.
  • Eliminate motivation killers. Do your employees’ find the workplace an inviting place or a battle ground? A hostile co-worker? An executive that likes to play favorites? Policies that allow no flexibility? A micro-managing team lead? A company culture that does not encourage employee input? All of these can make a productive employee into someone who does only enough to get by. Get rid of the motivation killers and watch your employees start to thrive and produce.
  • Give your employees the tools they need to be productive. The more non-productive your workplace is, the less productive your workers will be. Productivity tools can take many forms like a central calendar, project management software, electronic devices, flexible policies, and standard documented procedures. Find out what your team needs and do your best to accommodate those needs.
  • Celebrate victories, even the small ones. People want to feel appreciated and recognized. Be honest. Running a business is an ongoing challenge for the owner as well as the team. Taking time to celebrate landing that big client or fixing that ongoing support problem is a way to lighten the journey and build the team.
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Doug BarraHow to Completely Change Your Employees’ Productivity

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