You have a marketing strategy. It may be one you developed years ago. It may be one you developed just a couple of months ago. However, something seems to be wrong. You are not getting the number of leads you expected and sales are flat or falling. It may be time for a marketing strategy change.

Signs You Need a Change

If you talk to business experts, they would tell you that there are a couple of signs that your marketing strategy needs to change.

Nothing seems to match.

Do you have a consistent marketing message and branding scheme? If you are using several disparate marketing messages and a mix of old and new branding, you are confusing potential customers. Prospects need to trust the companies they do business with. Mismatched marketing and branding gives the impression of a company that is not consistent and may not be reliable.

There is an easy way to test this. Look at your website. Now look at your signage. Check out your ads. Peruse your marketing materials. If they seem to come from multiple companies, you have a marketing mismatch. It is time for a new marketing strategy.

Your competition looks better than you.

You should always be equal to or better than your competition when it comes to marketing. Your marketing should not copycat theirs. However, it should not look like it was last year’s leftovers either.

How do you tell if your competition is doing better? Take the time to study what they are doing. Spend time reading their blog. Subscribe to their newsletter or sales updates. Check to see if they use social media. If they do, how often do they post and what do they post? Look through their website.

Doing a bit of homework will help you compare what you are doing with what they are doing. It will tell you if your marketing needs an update or if you only need to do a few minor tweaks.

If you find your marketing needs a makeover, don’t despair. Every company should revisit their marketing strategy on a regular basis. It helps keep your company relevant and fresh. It keeps you focused on your target market and it keeps everything consistent.

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