What is your business culture? It is the way your company operates and communicates both internally and externally. A healthy, forward-facing culture will grow your business. An unhealthy or fragmented culture will bring it down. How do you build the right culture in your company?

Building Your Culture

As a small business mentor, I recommend three things to build a forward-facing culture that everyone in the company embraces:

  • Align the culture with your core values. Your company reflects what is important to you. You want to go to work in a place that allows you to be authentic in everything you do. This creates a place where others can contribute freely. It also makes it easy to move the company forward.
  • Make open communication a priority. A healthy company is one where ideas are shared and discussed in an open honest manner. Everyone on the team should feel empowered to share opinions and feel good about doing so. An unhealthy company is full of secrets and gossip, both of which bring widespread negative consequences to the entire company.
  • Work as a team. You and your entire team are all working towards the same goals. You need to develop the idea of unity and community. Empowered team members will work together to support the company, the owners, the management team, and their co-workers. And remember to have fun along the way. A little fun will make even the longest work days easier to take.
  • If you have a company where your team loves to come to work, there are no heights you cannot achieve. It all begins with developing a company culture that is the envy of everyone else. It continues with careful monitoring and nurturing that begins with you.

What is your vision for your company’s culture? To learn more about building a better team click here.

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