If you are like most entrepreneurs, you spend a lot of time in your office. There are always reports to review, plans to make, and calls to take. You might step out of your office for a meeting or to talk to one of your team members, but you may not step out of your office building until you leave at night. That strategy is working against you.

Making it a habit to step completely out of your office regularly is actually a business development strategy.

  1. Take a break and let your stress levels melt away. Your brain and your body need time to relax, even during a busy work day. Sitting in your office for hours and hours can be counterproductive, because as your stress levels rise, your productivity dives. Get up and take a walk. Go out for lunch with your significant other. Go around the corner and grab a coffee. Even if you go out for 15 minutes, you will find your stress levels go down.
  2. Boost your creativity and get more work done. Most people do not have the ability to think creatively when they are stressed out and frazzled. If you find yourself thinking in circles and getting nowhere fast, it is time to get out of the office. Go work in the warehouse for a bit. Pick up a broom and sweep the break room. Grab your assistant and head out for the office supply store to stock up. Doing something completely different will clear up your thinking, make you more creative, and boost your productivity levels.
  3. Meet your neighbors, your customers, and your vendors. Are you the faceless business owner? You know, the one that is only seen when opening or leaving the office. That is not a good way to manage your business. Go next door and say hi to the neighboring business owner. Get out on your store floor and help customers. Set up a lunch meeting with your best vendor. Connecting with people builds trust, makes you the face of your business, and renews your passion for what you are doing.

Getting away from the stresses of your office and reconnecting with the world around you is important. You will be ready to tackle the challenges ahead with a clear mind and a renewed spirit. Now that is a business development strategy every entrepreneur should adopt.

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