Are you a local small business owner looking to take your business to the next level?

This video will uncover why focusing on increasing your customer base, revenues, and profits won’t work for growing your local business.

Local small business owners often seek to increase their customer base, revenues, and profits. However, these results can be hard to come by without the right strategy.

It’s easy to focus on the wrong metrics when trying to grow a local small business- like increasing sales or cutting costs – but this won’t necessarily lead you toward your desired outcome.

This video will discuss how focusing on the right metrics is vital for local small business growth, and success.

We’ll explain why it’s essential to focus on margins, average dollar sale amount, number of transactions, number of leads and conversion rate to see real results. How is this possible? Don’t you need more customers, revenues and profits?

Of course you do!

You just can’t impact any of them directly because they are the result of other factors.

Let’s start with customers. How do you get customers? First, you market to them, right? Then, once they raise their hand and say, “I’m interested,” you sell them your product or service. So your number of customers is a function of the number of people you attract with your marketing, your number of leads, multiplied by the percentage of those leads you can convert into customers, your conversion rate. So to get more customers, you need to focus on leads and conversion rate.

The same thing is true for revenues. Your revenues are a function of the number of customers, multiplied by the average amount they spend with you when they buy, the average sale amount, and multiplied by the average number of times they buy, the number of transactions. So to get more revenue from your customers, you need to focus on your average sale amount and the number of transactions.

Finally, your profit is a function of your revenues multiplied by the percentage of your revenues that goes to paying the bills, your margins. So to get more profit, you have to focus on your margins. In conclusion, local small business owners should focus on increasing their margins to increase profits, average dollar sale amount and number of transactions per customer to increase revenues, leads in conversion rate to increase number of customers.

By focusing on these intertwined metrics, you can create a successful growth strategy for your local small business.

With this knowledge, you’re ready to take your local small business development efforts up a notch!

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