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Have you ever been to a movie that was so good, you found yourself telling people all about it as you left the theater? Have you ever left a restaurant and started telling people on the streets that they have to go in and try the best food on the planet? We call those people “Raving Fans”. If you are looking for a winning business development strategy, getting your raving fans to do the selling for you is the way to go.

How do you create raving fans?

  • Offer extraordinary customer service. Create the “WOW” factor. That happens when one of your customers says, “Wow, no one has ever done that before”. That level of customer service needs to be present from the moment they first contact your company to the day they make their 100th purchase.
  • Build a personal relationship with your customers. You want them to feel like they belong to your “family” of close clients. They need to know that you truly care about them, their needs, and their desires. Get your employees into this, since many times they are the front line of your business.
  • Be proactive about solving problems related to anything in your business. Do not wait for problems to occur. If you see ways of improving your product or service, do it immediately. If you can improve your customer service, do it now, not later. If a customer comes to you about a problem, react immediately and provide a solution for it. Then, take steps to make sure it does not happen for that customer, or any other customer, again.
  • Know when it makes the most difference to impress your customers and be sure to always impress them at those times. This takes attention to detail and the ability to act at the right times. Impressing your customers can be as simple as greeting them by name the second time they do business with you. It can be as complicated as expediting an order, without extra cost, for something they need urgently.

If you are looking for ways to expand your sales team, without spending a bunch of money, you have just found it: your customers. Take the time to build your raving fan base and see them start spreading the news. This business development strategy is something you can start doing today.

How do you build your base of raving fans?

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