Small business experts will tell you that generating leads online is critical for success in today’s business world. People are doing more and more business online. If you are ignoring that potential source of leads, your business is not going to grow and thrive.

Checklist for generating leads online

You can use this five-point checklist to get started or to refine your current process.

  1. Give great value. Almost everyone on the planet loves to get value for their money. Value is getting something more than a low price. Value can come in the form of useful information and tips, additional features, faster delivery, reduced fees, free customization, etc. Your prospects must see that the value you are providing them that makes you superior to the competition.
  2. Focus on what your prospective customer wants. You may have a billion ideas for new products or services. But, if your ideal customer doesn’t want any of them, they are all useless. Know your ideal customer intimately. Get to know their pain points, their desires, their commitments. Use those for ideas on what products and services your leads want.
  3. Be the expert your prospects can rely on. People want to buy from people they can trust. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field helps build the trust of people looking for your product or service. You can gain the expert position by offering helpful tips, knowledgeable advice, and key industry information that would be of interest to your ideal customer.
  4. Provide multiple levels of involvement. Do you interact with the people in your life in only one way? You probably see them face-to-face, talk on the phone, exchange emails, and follow them on social media. Your customers want this multi-level form of involvement from you as a business. It helps build trust and makes it easier for them to become a customer.
  5. Interact with your prospects. Remember communication is a two-way street. Your potential customers want to interact with you, even online. This can take a ton of forms, including interacting on social media, personal email communication, personalized marketing material, and webinars. Interaction builds trust and gets people to become leads.

If you implement each item on this list, you will start seeing well-qualified leads coming from your online efforts. And small business experts will tell you that you have a great start on taking your company to the next level.

How do you go about generating leads online?

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