Do you have fear or anxiety?

Is it a driving force for you, or does it cause paralysis?

Hi, I’m Doug Barra. And in this episode of BusinessSUCCESS, we’ll explore the world of fear.

What is one of the biggest problems facing most big business owners who are looking for business growth and expansion?

You might think it’s a lack of resources, a lack of planning, or a lack of willpower. Those are some of the reasons people fail to move forward on their business growth plans, but they are not the only ones or even the most common. Fear is a principal reason not to move forward with expansion plans. Being afraid can be crippling. Having an anxiety attack is very real for some.

What if I told you that fear and anxiety doesn’t have to be something that slows you down? Real fear is ingrained in our makeup. When we were hunter-gatherers on the plains, fear kept us from being eaten by a lion. This was a very useful trait and critical for our survival. Fear equaled live another day. No fear, you were lunch. However, in today’s society, most of us are very rarely confronted with true life or death situations.

Although the part of our brain that creates that fear still plays a role in our everyday life. The problem is the fear we experience today often becomes something that paralyzes or creates anxiety. Your fear can overwhelm even the most basic Business Growth Plans. A great way to look at fear is as the acronym, False Expectations Appearing Real. Why that acronym? Think about this. In reality, what are you afraid of? If it isn’t a real physical threat, then it’s what you think is going to happen in the future, right? Isn’t that what you fear? Now, let me ask you this. Do you actually know the future? I mean, really? Can you predict the future?

If you can, please tell me the winning lottery numbers. Of course, you can’t, but that is what we’re afraid of. We actually operate like we know the future. False Expectations Appearing Real.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the physical reactions of fear, heightened breathing, increased heart rate, intense focus. And what about the physical reactions of excitement? Heightened breathing, increased heart rate, intense focus. It’s the same physical reactions, but one we call fear, and the other, we call excitement. So what if you could simply call those reactions excitement all the time?

Well, you can. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you can completely remove fear from your life. I’m saying that if you want to be successful, you might consider turning your fear into excitement. Want to be really productive in your days. Ask yourself this question. What do I fear the most? And then do it. Productivity expert, Brian Tracy, wrote a great book called “Eat that Frog”.

Here’s the basic story. If your doctor told you tomorrow that you were going to die, and the only way that you could live was if you ate a frog every day, a live frog. Now, most of us would spend the entire day going, oh my God, I got to eat a frog. Got to eat a frog? Oh my God, I’ve got to eat a frog. I gotta eat a frog. Oh, I gotta eat a frog. And, only at the very last moment would we finally eat that frog.

What if you just ate the frog? Imagine how easy the rest of the day would be. Your life, your business every day, is like that. There’s the things that you don’t want to do that you’re afraid of. And you put them off all day long. And worry about them. Rather than just do them, and the rest of the day is easy. Fear is a part of life.

Learning how to manage it and get past it is essential for living life. Remember, people react to fear in one of two ways, letting it control their actions or recognizing it and acting anyway. Recognizing the fear and acting anyway is courage. I acknowledge you for being one of the courageous few who are willing to be a business owner. Now, would you like to experience the freedom of business ownership?

What if you could have your business create more wealth for you without having to devote more of your time? This is what’s available. When you build a solid foundation for your business, I have created this resource to show you the roadmap to that kind of business success. I call it the Insider’s Guide To Success In Business, and you can download your FREE copy by clicking the link below this video or by visiting

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