Today’s Coffee with Jody is something that I learned over the weekend. I’ve been doing research on a keynote speech that I’m writing on business and spirituality and a spiritually infused business. And during that research that I’ve been doing a couple of months now I came across a term that I’ve never heard.

So, we have an entrepreneur and everyone knows that. And, then intra-preneur which is an entrepreneurial way of being within an organization.

The one I learned this weekend is called an Inner-preneur.

I thought, “Hmm… Inner-preneur, what’s that?”

So, an inner-preneur is defined as somebody who owns a business and is using that business to fulfill themselves in the area of creativity, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, to create social change in the world.

I was like “Oh! Most business owners I know would fit into that category. Particularly in your professional services side.”

It’s an interesting term, an interesting phrase, to think about why do I have this business.

If you look at Simon Sinek’s work on why – People don’t buy what you do or how you do what you do, they buy why you do it – then this concept of inner-preneur – who’s using thie business as a vehicle to create social change, to fulfill not only their own emotional, spiritual, psychological and intellectual needs, but those of their teams and their clients – is like: “Huh…” We would probably relate to our businesses differently if that was top of mind.

And, that’s what I wanted to share with you today.

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