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10 Digital Techology Predictions for 2020

Digital technology is changing the way we do business across every industry. Business Insider recently released predictions for some big ways digital technology will disrupt six major industries in 2020. Let’s take a look at 10 front-and-center possibilities: Banking Prediction: European neobanks and U.S. neobanks will grow at the same rate in 2020. Neobanks, or


An Interesting Look at How Small Businesses are Supporting the UN Sustainability Goals

At ActionCOACH Team Sage, we are passionate about sustainability – the sustainability of small businesses and the sustainability of the earth. We love rolling up our sleeves, getting our hands into it to invest  in our local community and abroad. And now we can organize and track our efforts thanks to two powerful organizations – the


Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace

According to AARP, one of every six U.S. employees serves as a caregiver for a relative or friend, devoting at least 20 hours per week providing care. Why is Supporting Caregivers Important for Business Owners? As a business owner, this is an important employee circumstance to think through. Supporting your caregiving employees is central to

The Magic of a Well-Designed and Implemented Plan

As I set up for the Q4 planning session with my client and her team, there was something unusual in the air – a kind of buzz. Typically, when I work with them on their quarterly goals, the team meanders in. On this particular day, however, they were eager to get started. My client and her