Do you already have your plan done? I know I’ve asked this before, but it’s such an important question. Are you ready for this fourth quarter so that you can make 2022 an amazing opportunity?

Hi, I’m Doug Barra. And in this episode of BusinessSUCCESS, we’re going to look at what does it take to build your plan? How do you build a plan that’s truly going to take your business and make it prepared and ready for next year? What does that look like? What do you need to do? What needs to be in place? So let’s get started.

First off, the most important thing that you need to do is have a goal. You need to have a very clear goal of where you want to be at the end of the year. And one of the best ways to have that goal be present for yourself is to know where you’re going beyond that. What are you looking to create five, ten years out?

Because that’s what’s going to make a really huge difference in you understanding where you need to be at the end of this year to make that happen. So when you have that goal, and you understand why that’s important to you, because it’s that underlying emotion, energy in motion is emotion.

It’s that underlying emotion that gives you the movement, the push to make that goal happen. And then we’ll stand there in that goal complete. And we’ll put together our milestones for how we got there. Not how are we getting there? How we got there. It’s just like when you’re standing at the bottom of a mountain looking up, and you’re thinking to myself, how on earth am I going to get up there? Isn’t it so much easier to stand at the top of the mountain and look down and say, I got here because I made it there.

Once you have those milestones defined, then you can go in, and you can look at what does it take to accomplish each one of those milestones. This is the process for making your goals truly work. We’re going to be covering this in our program.

So click the link. That’s below this video so that you can get yourself registered into that program and really see how to start putting together your plan to have your business be ready for 2022. I’d love to know what value you got from today’s video.

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Once again, I’m Doug Barra. And now it’s your turn. Click the link, get yourself registered, learn how to make sure that your 2022 is stupendous. And I’ll see you in our next video.

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With 14 years of experience in working with small and medium sized businesses to help them grow, Doug is committed to seeing business owners thrive. Business coaching is what drives Doug.

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