Your business is only as good as your leadership and the team you have working for you. Building a vibrant, effective team is a business growth strategy that every entrepreneur needs to always keep in mind. Making the right hire is part of that strategy.

Here are some strategies for making the smart hire:

  • Know what you are looking for. It is important to have a detailed job description before you talk to potential candidates. Even more important is to understand your team culture and the profile of person who would be the best fit for the position and work best within your organization. Meeting both sets of criteria will help ensure your company’s future success.
  • Know what your company has to offer. Remember, not only are you trying to find a good fit for your company, the job candidates are also trying to find a good fit for their needs.
  • Take the time necessary. Trying to fit the hiring process into a one or two-week time frame is a big mistake. We say: ‘Hire Slow, Fire Fast.’ Use a group interview process, and if you cannot find the perfect candidate in the first round, go for round two. Make sure you have a large enough candidate pool to have real choice.
  • Look for people who can take your company to the next level. Many business owners complain about not having any leaders in their organizations. When hiring a new person, look for leadership potential. Also, look to upgrade your talent with each new hire. You want people who can fulfill your current needs as well as your future ones.
  • Have a multi-level interview process. Once you have selected the best candidate(s) from the group interview. Have at least one other interview to learn more about the candidate(s) and solidify your initial impressions.
  • Have other members of your team be part of the group interview and listen to their feedback. It is best to get their impressions since they will be working with the person on a day to day basis. It also helps to get a second opinion to solidify your own impressions.

Finding the perfect fit for your team is a process that you cannot rush. But, the time and effort you put into this business growth strategy will pay off in the long run. What kind of talent are you looking for to take your team to the next level?

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