Have you ever created a goal for your business but not known how you would accomplish it? or have you been frustrated with creating goals and not accomplishing them? If so, then this video is for you. We will create exactly how you determine what you need to accomplish your goals.

Hi, I’m Doug Barra. And in this video, we’re going to look at the process required for determining to the best of your ability what your actions need to be to accomplish your goals. If you haven’t seen the videos on setting your goals, you might want to watch those first since I will assume that you already have your smart goals determined.

Remember your smart goals have a “when that goal is going to be completed”. And that the goal is stated in the present tense as having already occurred. If you remember, we did this to have your brain working from “that goal is already complete”. This is one of the keys to determining your course for accomplishing your goals.

First, you have to put yourself into the future, really create for yourself that this is the time that your goal is complete and that the goal is complete.

For example, let’s say that the goal is a 90-day goal or one quarter. And let’s say that the end date of that 90 days is September 30th, and we’re starting on July 1st. Imagine that it’s already September 30th, and your goal is complete. It often works to stand up and step into the future. Physically.

Now look back in time and ask yourself what was it that occurred that once that happened, it was pretty much a done deal that you were going to accomplish your goal. You can look back a specific amount of time if that makes it easier. For example, look back 30 days. Next, step back in time to that event. It really works to step back physically.

Again, really create for yourself that you are at that future time. Look back in time and ask yourself what was it that occurred that once that happened, it was pretty much a done deal that you were going to get here to this step. And you will have three milestones that you say will get you to the goal.

Now you have three smaller goals in a shorter time frame to look at what actions you need to take to fulfill that smaller goal. You may find that you don’t know what actions to take, and that’s fine. Add to your plan at that point, what you need to learn so that those actions or, in some cases, the actions will be determined by the outcome of some previous steps. That’s also fine. Just make sure you’re documenting that as well.

You can really think of this process as charting a course from your current location to your goal. Sometimes you will have to make course corrections or discover a barrier you didn’t see before. Just stop, determine the correct course now and change whatever actions you need to, but keep your eye on the goal.

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