If you haven’t got a career pathway for your employees then this video is for you.

Hi. It’s Jody Johnson with ActionCOACH Team Sage.

Today I want to talk with you about employee engagement, career pathways and why it matters to the younger generations that you absolutely, positively have a clearly laid out career ladder and pathway for them.

The young millennials, and the generation after them, are very, very interested in learning and advancing their careers as quickly as they possibly can. They’re OK with working hard. Contrary to popular talk, they actually are OK with working hard as long as they know where that effort is going and take them in the long run.┬áSo, if you leave them wondering what’s the next step for me, then more than likely they’re going to learn whatever it is that they can learn and they’re gonna move on to the next career, to another job, to advance their career.

People want to know what’s next so that they can either go get the training they need to do that or any experience they need to do that. And, they want to stay with you as long you have a good culture and they’re clear that you’re passionate about them and their growth. But, if they don’t feel that, and they don’t see that and they don’t know what the next step is, then they’re already looking, very quickly, after they come to work with you.

So, as an owner, or as a business leader, really thinking through what is that matrix, that if they’ve got this skill set, and they have this skill set, that would actually qualify them for these tasks and this pay grade and then to the next level, and the next level, and the next level.

Not everybody wants to climb up to be the general manager of your organization in 10 years, or even in five years, or whatever they think, but many people do want to know what that next step is. And, then some people just want to become experts at the thing that they love to do and are most passionate about.

So one domain is climbing the ladder of responsibility in your organization. Another domain is actually what’s the expertise that’s required to be “The Expert” at this in your business. Both of them have to be created because there are people who are going to want one or the other of that.

I can tell you, years ago, when I was in the emergency department, and I was clear that I wanted to advance, I took my job description, looked at everything that they were evaluating me for at that, and then went and got that training, went and did those things. And then, I got the next level, and went and did those things and just started climbing, climbing, climbing till I reached the point where I no longer wanted to go further because that was going to be taking me away from the patient bedside and into management, with a lot of responsibility and zero autonomy.

So, I had reached where I wanted to go at the hospital and ultimately left there and started this business.

But, your team members really do need to know what do I need to do, and who do I need to be, in order to be able to advance in the organization. And, if you provide them with that, then you can hang on to them for good long while. Today that’s more important than ever because we have one of the lowest unemployment numbers in 20 years.

So retention is the name of the game, and that’s a key way that you can retain great talent.

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Have a great day. Bye for now.

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