I’m laughing because I said I want to talk in this episode today about CRMs, contact relationship management and got quite an odd response.

However, contact management systems are one of the most important systems that you can have in your business.

So let me share with you why that is. It houses all of the data about your prospects and your clients. And, if you have a good one, it can actually upload documents, it can keep track of emails, it can send e-mails, it has a calendar in it, it can do workflows…

I mean, there are contact management systems out there that are spectacular. And some of them are free all the way up through however much… They can be a couple hundred dollars, it depends on what you want and need them to do.

However. One of the ones that I like, we use Infusionsoft, one of the ones that I like is Zoho CRM. And I like it because it’s inexpensive and it has a lot of different modules that you can add onto it could do many things so you can kind of build your own so to speak.

And, when people do quotes, for certain businesses that have long sales cycles, you can lose track of them.

Sometimes people keep them in Excel or they just keep them in email or they try to Calendarize it in outlook or something like that. But, actually, if it’s done in a contact management system, a report can be run, and then you can go back and you can actually look at what stage is this quote in in my sales process, and then take the next appropriate action.

You can put templates in there so that you’re not inventing what you’re going to write in response to something, from nothing, but this can be the bones, or the bullet points, of something that you then customize.

So the time saver that it is, the tracking ability that it has, the housing that it is for your clients and prospects, and the ability to run reports is priceless information for business owners.

So, yeah, I really push people to have a contact management system. One that they utilize and that they continually build out so that they can automate more and more things, get the information they need, so that the time that they have available can be directed at the specific thing they want to say to that person.

I’m not talking about mass automation of email marketing or any of that kind of thing. I’m talking about, if you have that automated, you can actually invest your time in being very personable with the person that you’re speaking with and interacting with and have the information you need to take appropriate next steps.

CRMs, they are your friend!

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