Today I’m speaking about a client experience that I had as the client.

I won a gift certificate at a women’s networking event several months ago, and, got a certificate stating this: to go and see Dr. Leslie Baumann, dermatologist.

And, then I lost it!

Then, I found it, and it had expired by three or four days. It was like, wow, you know, I hate to lose this. And I also hate to ask but I’m just going to ask and see if they’ll honor it. I know that it’s been that it’s expired but it’s worth a try.

So I call. And the young lady says let me go and ask, and she says I would be very happy to honor it, just bring it with you. So I made the appointment.

When I walked in, the place was beautiful, it was immaculate. I was graciously greeted.

When I filled out paperwork,Ā one of the questions said something I was like, I don’t think I want to give that information.

So, I told the young lady I don’t think I want to give you this information. She said that’s fine, no worries.

So my experience of walking in, filling out the paperwork, maybe 10 minutes, was quick. And then into my appointment.

I don’t know about you guys but most of the time you go to the doctor, or the dentist. or something like that, you have to wait and wait a long time. That wasn’t the case.

We go back inside. She explains what she’s going to do. She gonna take pictures of my face, whatever different things she’s going to do. And, in the waiting room, there’s videos of different procedures that they do. There’s books that she wrote. There’s information so I could learn things. And then this young lady as gracious as can be explaining everything.

The doctor comes in joyful doctor, extremely capable doctor, does all kinds of research. And I tell her: I’m happy with the products that I’m using on my face. She’s like, Well they’re great products. There’s no reason to change them. The only thing I might do is add this and that which you’re not using.

So, she wasn’t in there trying to sell me anything. She was in there to serve me.

Even through paying, and setting up the next appointment, it was as gracious and as pleasant as it could possibly be.

When I came back for the second visit, I talked to her about it.

She was asking me if I was interested in this, or that, I said no, not really.

But she said: I’ll gift it to you.

And, I started to laugh, because she has an understanding of acquisition cost and the value of a lifetime client.

I talked to her about my experience in her office and she said: well, we went through all 51 steps that a client experiences, from interacting with us from beginning to end. And we modified those and we tweaked those until we got it right.

We often hear what’s wrong. We rarely hear what’s right. So I’m really grateful that you shared your experience with us, because we work hard at it.

And, yeah, they do!

So, not only has she created a great experience for me, she has created a raving fan. I’ve already told like… And, now I’m falling even more… I’ve already told like a dozen people who were like: OK give me her number.

But, it was so dramatically different than almost any other client experience that I’ve ever had, in my life, and really done well. So when that happens, it’s easy to create raving fans, it’s easy to grow a business. All you have to do is actually be in service of them and be mindful about it.

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