Coach Doug Barra


“Do, or Do Not! There is no Try” -Yoda


What Makes Business & Executive Coach Doug Barra the Ideal Coach for You?

#1. Doug is a systems and numbers guy.

#2. He’s a levelheaded, steady and unifying force.

#3. Doug is capable and smart yet understated.

#4. He’s quiet, soft spoken, diplomatic and a deep listener.

#5. Doug relies on the tried and true conventional wisdom; the kind that is required in business regardless of the circumstances.

#6. His no nonsense approach produces results on a solid foundation grounded in clarity

#7. Doug easily zeros in on leaks in productivity and profitability in a business; allowing him to help create processes and procedures deal with them quickly and easily.

#8. He’s unfazed by setbacks, he simply adjusts the resources and puts plans in place to move forward.

#9. Doug is reliable; his strong sense of responsibility gets things done no matter what.

#10. He has a deep and abiding concern for others which drives him to live his life in a way that benefits individuals and society as a whole.

Being an ActionCOACH Business Coach allows Doug to express his deepest values every day.