Performance evaluations or performance management…

Completely, totally and utterly ineffective.

When the owner or the manager goes to give feedback, most the time, they dread it. And, of course, the employees dread it, or they’re hoping that they’re going to get a good one and get a raise.

But the world of performance evaluations is painful for most businesses. And there are some good reasons for that.

If they don’t have a job description with clear indicators of how they’re going to be evaluated, in terms of their effectiveness, it’s totally subjective.

So: unclear expectations; unclear duties for their role; they typically get infrequent and ineffective feedback; and, there’s a lack of accountability because most people are uncomfortable holding other people to account. And, so they step over it until they’re disappointed and then they give lousy performance reviews.

An article that I was reading, from the Gallup organization, talks about maybe the shift needs to be more towards performance development.

And, especially in today’s day and age where it’s an employee marketplace, getting rid of an employee because you’re dissatisfied with them, rather than actually looking at how do I develop this person.

Are they cast in the proper role, or are they clear about what I expect from them? Are they clear about how I’m going to be measuring them, or are they clear about what’s expected from their team members?

Am I giving them ongoing feedback about what they’re doing right as well it’s what they do wrong? Because, most of the time people focus on what they are not happy about.

It’s actually designing performance development based on skill sets, based on natural talents and strengths, based on being properly cast.

And, so the world of performance can improve dramatically if the owners and managers take a little bit of time and make sure that they set that person and themselves and their business up to win, at the on set, and then provide that ongoing training, coaching and clear expectations, we can turn this around.

Many of you may be going, OK, Jody, that’s great, but where do I get started with that? I don’t know how to do it.

We have a position description writing guide I’m happy to share with you, and a checklist of things to cover in the performance development. So, click this link and you can have those resources and if you’d like to speak with me then give me a call.

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