Hi. I’m often asked why employee engagement is such a hot topic these days, and is it really important?

Well if you’re somebody who has a workplace of disengaged employees who won’t collaborate with one another, who keep to themselves and only do what is asked of them, you might be dealing with just this issue. Many businesses are.

The average right now is about 16 percent of employees that are actually truly engaged. So where does that leave the rest of us.

If that’s you this video is going to cover the three things for you to be aware about employee engagement and why it’s important to you and your business.

So let’s get started.

Hi this is Jody Johnson and it’s another episode of coffee with Jody.

I’m often asked what drives employees engagement and does it really matter?

The answer is yes it does.

It drives innovation. It drives productivity. And it drives the profitability and growth of your company. It’s essential and it’s a very hot topic out in the business community right now. If you do a google search, there’s like five point six million searches related to it!

It’s a very, very important conversation.

So I want to share with you today three aspects of employee engagement that I think are very critical for you to know and to be thinking about in your business.

The first one is that the best ideas for how to make your business better come from the people who are actually doing the doing. The ones at the bottom on the ground who are actually doing the work in the business.

The second point is unless they feel safe they’re not going to come forth. Many times I see that people on the team, or employees, are afraid to come forth because if they make a mistake and they get yelled at, or they get punished in some way, shape or form, they’re unlikely to come forth with mistakes which can lead to innovation. And, they’re unwilling to come forth with their ideas because they don’t necessarily feel valued and appreciated, much less heard.

So employee engagement includes giving your team a voice. I use a program called Engage & Grow, it’s a 13 week program with teams.

One of the teams that I did this with had some issues where they were disengaged not only from the business, but from one another on the production floor.

We started this and it gave them opportunities to express what was working what was not working. They got feedback from their peers on what was great about them and what didn’t work about them.

Believe it, or not, it was their favorite part!

There was acknowledgement of what value people brought forth and then because we were focusing on both the people side of the business, you might say the heart of the business, and the process side of the business, they started coming forth with leadership acts and leadership initiatives that blew the owners away!

The third thing is your business growth is entirely tied to the synergy and the productivity of your team. So when they’re working together you’re not the one who’s trying to drag that business along. They’re actually pushing the business along and they’re happy about doing that.

This particular team that I was telling you about grew the profitability in the company by 244% the quarter that we were working on that. Astounding results!

And, they are a demand to keep that program going! So we’re doing a modified version of it going forward because they were a request!

Team engagement is probably one of the single most important things for you as a business owner to focus on if you want to grow your business this year.

Now, have you experienced any kinds of programs or tools in employee engagement. If so I’d love to hear about the ones that worked and the ones that fell short of your expectations.

I’d love to hear about the innovations that are actually coming from the ground up that will make a difference in your business and keep you competitive.

And if you’d like to discuss this with me further then please put it in the comment box.

If you have gotten value from this video share it, like it, thumbs up, all of the above and thank you!

You can reach me at JodyJohnson at ActionCOACH dot com or on the phone at 305-285-9264 extension 301.

Have a great day.

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