If you have employees that seem to be stuck and their productivity is low, listen to this Coffee with Jody because this episode is for you.

Hi, this is Jody Johnson with ActionCOACH Team Sage.

Today we’re going to talk about what to do when your team is stuck and the productivity is low and you don’t know why.

Sometimes, when the team’s productivity is low and they just don’t seem like they’re motivated, or they’re able to move forward with something, and you don’t really know why, it’s because there’s something incomplete for them from the past.

Either something happened and they didn’t get to talk about it or they have a concern that is in the background that they haven’t actually been able to resolve. So what I like to do is go in and get to the heart of what’s blocking them ,what’s in the way.

Oftentimes I’ll use the above and below the line, which you probably heard me talk about on many occasions in the past in other videos. The concept of: OK who are you blaming or what are you blaming; what are you making excuses about or who are you making excuses about; and then where have you been in denial about the results. Below the line is all of the reasons why something isn’t moving forward the way that we are committed to it.

Then, the above the line of what we’re taking ownership, accountability, and responsibility. And that doesn’t necessarily produce the result but it does produce the condition in which results can happen.

OK let me give you an example of where this can happen in a business.

I had a client that was going and creating their annual plan and the team was just down. They were they were off. They were not the generally energetic and joyous team that I know them to be.

What that tells me is that they’re incomplete with something that happened in the past and it’s in the background as a concern or a consideration about how to move forward.

So what I recommend to the owners is let’s look at what are you feeling, what are you thinking? Because, whatever it is that they’re concerned about, they’re getting it as a vibe, or a feeling, from you.

This particular business owner was able to say gosh you know what I felt like we really failed last year even though they were pretty much at the same even numbers, they felt like they had failed.

And the team was feeling like they failed them.

Now there’s no way in the world for me to be able to help them to create an annual plan and have them energized by it until we’re clear that that is complete for them. Then they can create.

When we try to create, as business owners, on top of something that’s incomplete it’s a mud pie. It’s murky. It’s like being in quicksand.

So the best way that I know of for team members, and owners, people in general, to get complete is to do that above and below the line exercise that you’ve heard me talk about before.

But just to reiterate quickly who or what have you been blaming, who or what have you been making excuses for, and what have you been in denial about.

And then actually looking from there, at everything, and then saying alright now what can I take ownership, accountability and responsibility for, that’s going to allow the condition in which I can move forward and create.

Unless that work gets done, everything that they do going forward has the energy of something that isn’t working.

So what do you do when the employees seem to be stuck?

  • You stop the action.
  • You get into a conversation.
  • You find out what their concerns and considerations are.
  • You get yourself clear.
  • You do an above and below the line exercise with them.
  • And then you take off and create.

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Thanks and have a great day.

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