Your employees are the most important asset to your company.

Whatever way you look at it, employee engagement affects all organizations. However, traditional employee and leadership training has proven to be old and slow. There is now a much quicker and powerful way to create organizational change.

What is Engage and Grow?

Engage and Grow is not a workshop – it’s an action based program. There is nowhere to hide – all sessions are designed to captivate and entertain your key people, while strategically developing new habits and behaviors.

At Engage & Grow we exist to help companies reengage their employees. Our mission is to create a globally engaged workforce through support, honesty, respect, common sense and fun. This results in people loving what they do!

We help you develop an environment of positivity, transparency and shared accountability. Engage & Grow will refocus, reenergize and reengage the most important assets to your business – your people.

The Group Activation System™

The Group Activation System is a weekly, facilitated, group session that is customized for your business.

Focus On What Matters

The Group Activation System starts by focusing on three areas of your business; Systems, Behaviors and Culture.

Accountability + Transparency

Each engagement key is tracked and reported on, per participant, over the program creating a highly transparent and accountable environment.

Develop Engagement Keys

We then develop 12 ‘Engagement Keys’ that are aligned to your focus areas and customized for your business and each participant in the program.

How It Works

Our Group Activation System™ is an all action- based system. Through our weekly 60-90 minute sessions over 12 weeks, we create a movement in the mind of participants that then create a movement in the business, by following our proven 6 steps.

Developed around neuroscience and based on human neurological motivators, core needs and preferred way of learning, everything we do during the sessions impacts one or more of these elements and shifts employee engagement like never before.

Doug BarraEngage & Grow