A bespoke suit is one that is perfectly tailored to the person wearing it. It is, literally, made for that person, like the one I just recently bought. A bespoke employee is one that is the perfect fit for the open position on your team. How do you find the perfect fit when it comes to a new employee? With a bit of work and some diligence, you can find that bespoke employee.

What Does a Bespoke Employee Look Like?

You have an open position. You are ready to find the person to fill that position. How do you know which candidate is the perfect fit for your team opening?

  • This person has the social skills to work well within the team. No employee is an island. That person must work well within the team that already exists. He or she will be able to navigate many different situations using a variety of interpersonal skills, good communication, and emotional intelligence. This is critical for team building.
  • This person has a personality that will fit into the team and be good for the position. An aggressive person may not be the best fit for a laid-back team. A highly driven sales team might not be a good fit for a quiet, non-confrontational person.
  • This person asked the right questions during the interview. A good interview involves both parties asking and answering questions. The questions the job candidate asks will tell you a lot about their priorities and focus in life. If the candidate concentrates their questions on when the first raise or promotion will be, you might want to go to the next person on your list.
  • This person received approval from other members of your team. You should have at least two or three other people on your team meet and interview each job candidate. Their thoughts and reactions should count highly in your hiring decision. Hesitations and concerns can interfere with effective team building.
  • This person has the core competencies you need to fill the position. You need a well-defined job description to know what these are. But, don’t be hung up on a person having exactly the skill set you defined. If there are any minor gaps in technical or operational skills, those can be taught or gained through training.

Your bespoke employee is out there. To find that person, you need to know what you are looking for and take the time to find out which person best meets those requirements.

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