Many people want to have a successful business, but they don’t know what it takes. Some start with an idea and go from there. While others decide to consult with experts. In this video, I’ll share Five Ways You Can Have A More Joyful Business to help you create better results in your life. Let’s discover it together after this.

Hi, I’m Doug Barra. If you want to have a more joyful business, your goal should be to create as many leads, convert visitors to customers at a higher rate, increase the number of repeat customers, get higher average sales per customer and increase margins. Make it easy for your customers to buy from you.

Then when they visit your site or however else you reach out to them, make sure you have a clear call to action that will help them convert into leads and sales. Here are some ideas to improve conversion rates on your website, have an attractive design, post social proof, make your buttons bold, so they stand out from the rest of the text, include testimonials and have a trust seal.

Remember that it’s not just what you say that makes a difference; it’s how you say it. Create an emotional connection with your prospects through great content, focus on providing value to them, to build trust. If people like and trust what you do, they will be more willing to buy from you. Have another method of selling besides pushy sales pages. Offer some free value first so customers can get to know you better before moving forward into any transaction with you.

When we focus on being more attractive to our customers, we will ultimately get more sales, and our customers will be more loyal and stay customers longer and therefore buy more. So always be looking at how you can add value to them to increase the average sale amount. Make sure every action taken by every customer is tracked and measured carefully. This way, you’ll have the necessary statistics to see where you can make improvements.

Create processes for everything and get rid of all obstacles that will stand in your way from focusing on important tasks. Be willing to sacrifice short-term gains to achieve bigger results further down the road. You’ll be surprised how many people out there want a quick fix, but no one is willing to do what it takes. So instead, focus on doing things right. Instead of doing them fast, this way, you won’t have any problems later on when you need more time or additional resources.

Also, this focus will create a more efficient business, which means that your margins will start to go up. To get higher average sales per customer, you need to focus on adding more value to them. This will make your margins go up as a result. When we’re working with people that have bigger budgets, we can offer additional perks or benefits that will have these clients want to spend more on us in the future when they need our services again. This way, we’ll manage to increase our margins, something essential for any business owner.

All this requires that you have a solid foundation for your business. In fact, this is why I created    The Insider’s Guide To Success In Business. In this book, I have outlined what you need to do to have a solid foundation for your business’s growth.

Inside this book, you will discover the specific steps that you can do to build that foundation, as well as how to know exactly where you are along that journey. I’m offering this book to you. Absolutely FREE of charge.

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Once again, I’m Doug Barra. And now it’s your turn. Click the link, download your FREE book, start building your foundation, and I’ll see you in our next video.

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With 14 years of experience in working with small and medium sized businesses to help them grow, Doug is committed to seeing business owners thrive. Business coaching is what drives Doug.

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