Does your team have a strong internal support network? If you have a team of three people all within the same space, communications and collaboration are not that difficult. However, larger teams, or those with members scattered in different locations, may have a tougher time. That is where having a strong internal support network becomes critical.

Tips for Building a Strong Internal Support Network for Your Team

Here are some team building ideas that will build the internal support network your team deserves.

  • Respect and acknowledge the members of your team. If someone on your team does not feel respected, that person will not perform at expected levels. Even worse, that person’s attitude can affect others on the team. Every member of the team should feel respected and have their accomplishments acknowledged.
  • Give your team members the tools they need. In today’s highly connected world, people have gotten used to instant and seamless integration of communications. The team should have tools immediately available to message other team members and to follow on-going conversations.
  • Make sure staff members feel comfortable with the internal support network. This means building the network from the bottom up instead of the top down. Executives should be part of the network, but should not dominate it or make it a place where regular staff members cannot communicate freely.
  • Encourage horizontal as well as vertical communications. Gaining support from colleagues is critical for a team member’s success. But, gaining support from those above and those below in the company structure is also critical. Communication is a cornerstone of success for all members of the team.
  • Preserve and strengthen relationships, even during times of high stress. A crisis can hit a company at almost any time. The strength of team bonds is going to be tested during those times. A business owner or manager needs to take an active role in preserving and strengthening team member relationships, all the time.
  • Build a library of resources. Does your team have common or repetitive tasks? Create a procedure or process for it. Are there minor problems that appear on occasion? Create a solution paper on it and make it available. Such a library will give your team the help it needs and will make operations go smoother.

You can use these team building ideas to build your internal support network. Which tip do you expect to use first?

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