With the national celebration of the fourth of July, having just past, I decided to write on what that means to me, and to all business owners…

Fourth of July, Independence Day, the celebration of freedom.

What is freedom? What does Freedom really mean?

Is it the possibility to do anything I want? No, not really, not if I what I want is not inside of the law…

So, does law mean no Freedom?

In one sense, yes. However, without law there is no order and the possibility then occurs for no freedom if someone decides to limit another’s freedom.

This can be a tricky thing to look at. How much freedom should, and needs to, be allowed inside of the law, and how does one decide in what areas should freedom be allowed, or not, so that everyone can experience being free? I can see that this would have been a difficult issue for our founding fathers to debate and I am glad that they were able to come to an agreement that allowed for this nation to be created, where we enjoy a number of freedoms that are not allowed in many societies.

And then, of course, there are many things that are limited by law and are they all really for the good?

Sometimes I think that many of the laws that are passed, that limit our freedoms, are self-serving for one interest, or another. However, I think that overall freedom of our country still exists.

And, what is that freedom?

The freedom to be whatever you want to be! There is no limit to what you can be. You are not limited to what is allowed by your lineage, your cast, your skin color, your sexual orientation, or anything else.

Now, many will say that there are limitations that are disguised. For example, if you want to be an engineer, you have to go to a university to earn a degree in engineering and that costs a lot of money. And, if your parents are poor, you can’t afford the tuition to go to a university, therefore you are not free to be that.

In one sense, this is correct. However, if you were in this situation and you really wanted to go to a university and become an engineer, there are ways that you could get the funding, or even get into the university without funding! It is not impossible!

It may not be easy, but what in life, that is really worth it, ever is?

Mostly, I say that the odds are only stacked against those that believe they are!

If you are willing to be committed to your goals and go the extra mile – even when it seems impossible, even when everyone else says you can’t do it, even when you have failed again and again – then you can achieve anything.

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