If you’re struggling to get everything done then this video is for you.

Hi, it’s Jody Johnson with ActionCOACH Team Sage and today I’m talking with you about the ability to get more done in your day.

Now, many times I’ll go in and I’ll speak with a business owner and they’ll tell me: you know what, I just don’t have the funds to hire an assistant. I can’t hire them right now.

Meanwhile, they’re drowning in a calendar schedule that they can’t possibly get done. Or, they’re working late and getting up early to try and get stuff done before they go into work in the business.

And, they are dropping the ball and missing key things in the business. And then people argue with me that they don’t have enough money to hire somebody to be an assistant for them.

What we say here at ActionCOACH is “Saving a Wage is Costing you a Fortune”.

Now, I’m not saying go and get a general manager to take everything off your plate. What I’m saying is that if you have an assistant who can take the low skill, low value to the business tasks off of your plate – the first of which should be bookkeeping; the second which should be anything administrative that doesn’t require your level of knowledge or your level of skill – actually frees you up to be able to go and do higher level work such as business development or being able to complete work and charge for it and so on.

So, the concept of having someone come in and having them be an asset so that you can free up your time is to get really clear on what are those low level tasks that you’ve been engaged in and be really honest with yourself.

I’m going to the bank. I’m entering things into the database, or into contact management system. I am writing up quotes. I am whatever it is that somebody else could do that, if you systemised it, would free you up so that you can do that work which only you can do.

For instance, I have an assistant that when I’m driving from here to there I can call and go through my emails with her and I say answer this person from me saying this or answer this person from you saying that, or delete that, or file this, or archive that, or whatever it is. And go through and in half an hour I can knock out something that would have normally kept me sitting at my desk trying to get to or perhaps never getting to.

That’s just a simple for instance. There are so many things that we engage in that suck up our time that can be done by having an assistant.

I will tell you that the first assistant I had, I actually did the numbers in it, had me be 35% more productive than I was before she came in and she easily covered her salary.

So, if you want to get more time in your day to do the High-Level work, go out, create a list of all those things that you’d want that person to take over – low skill, low value to the organization, or you just plain don’t like it – and then we go create a position for that and recruit for that with somebody who has the natural wiring and the interest in doing those things for you.

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Have a great day.

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