Today I want to talk with you about giving up your habit of trying to get better at something that you’re not good at.

For the last decade of working with business owners and their teams, I often come across people who are trying to get better at what they’re not good at.

Now I know, that there’s a lot of talk out in the world about “you can do anything just put your mind to it”. And yes you can gain competency in something that you’re not naturally wired, but, you will never do this.

So, Investing a whole lot of time in trying to get better at something, that you’re only ever going to just become competent in, is a huge waste of your time.Ā Not only is it a waste of your time, there’s an experience of bouncing up against something that is a struggle and strife to try to get to that point.

As opposed to, actually investing more time, energy and joy, may I say joy, into getting better at what you are naturally wired for. The place where you’re going to resonate with what you’re working on. A place where you lose track of time.

Now, if you’re a small business, you may have to do some things that you’re not naturally wired for. But, the sooner you can begin to outsource those things, or hire someone to take those things off your plate, and begin to invest in those things that are a natural self-expression, where you are in your flow, where you have natural capacity, the happier you’re going to be.

I don’t really know why it is. Maybe it’s because of the last few hundred years of our education system where we got graded A B C D E and F, and God knows what after that, that people were left with “Oh my God. it’s not good for me to not be good at everything!” And, you’ve got these kids they’re like if they don’t get an A, they don’t even want to go home and tell their parents what their grades were. It’s really actually quite damaging.

And, our school system has not been designed for every kind of learning style that there is. It’s largely a visual learning style. Meanwhile there are six other learning styles and I can tell you that I know people, including my son, who didn’t fit into the traditional educational model.

So, as that relates to your business and what you’re learning and doing and mastering in your business and that of your team members, we use profiling all the way from the design of the role – It’s like what are the tasks this person is going to do, what is the natural wiring of a person who will be good at those tasks – through the recruitment into their training and development pathways, so that they’re naturally going to be creating value, because it’s easy for them.

And, You create an environment where people have the experience of accomplishment, of gaining.

Now, they still have to work at it, it’s not that it’s, you know, all roses, but that they have the experience of taking ground on things that they’re naturally good at. And when you build that team out in that way, everybody wins in the company.

As an example, in the org chart of a business, you’ve got the business itself and then you have three key domains. You have your admin and finance side. Then, you have your operational side and then you have your sales and marketing side. Now, you will resonate, and be most in your flow, in one of those areas.

So I have a client, who’s stellar at sales and marketing. Operationally, he’s competent. In the admin finance side, forget it it’s hopeless.

So your capacity, its not that you can’t do those things, you can probably do those things, but where you’re going to add the greatest amount of value, the place where people are going to trust you the most, is in the area of your flow.

So, stop trying to get better at something that you’re never going to get a whole lot better at, and focus on those areas where you have exponential growth.

And, make sure that the people on your team are in the right spot for them, where they’re naturally going to be adding value. And, if you find that there are gaps, then go back and look at what are the tasks that this person would need to do and then design that position and that ad and that recruitment and that training and development for the person who’s ideally suited for that.

If you got value from this video then please share it with others. And I’d love to hear your comments or questions like “Where have you struggled in your business that you just may not be in your flow?” I’d love to hear about that and to support you with it.

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