Hello everybody, Jody Ann Johnson with the 81st episode of “Coffee with Jody”. And today we’re going to be wrapping up Earth Month and going Green and LEAN 

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been sharing with you some of the ideas that we’ve implemented here in our office. Whether it’s reducing our carbon footprint through donations, to B1G1 and their program, to drinking of water out of our big water containers, so that we’re reusing those over and over, while making sure we’re getting enough water, to cleaning up the environment around us, and going even more LEAN here in the office, through cleaning up our processes, and also our communications. We’ve even been finding hacks that we can use in the office and at home; such as the rack that dries the plastic Ziploc bags so that they can be reused.  

I hope that we’ve been able to provide a few ideas for you throughout the blogs and the videos that we’ve been sharing. And I think probably the most important thing is this is a movement, not just here, but around the world.  

A lot of times people get into the habit of doing things the way they always have. And I believe if we can just take small steps, incremental small steps by making shifts to a greener and leaner way of living, that will move us in that direction. In doing so we build momentum as opposed to trying to turn the whole world upside down, either personallyin our families, or in our offices, which can be disruptive more than providing an innovation or sustainable practices. It’s all about creating sustainability.  

One thing that I’ve noticed is all those places where I’m not doing that, not operating in a sustainable way. For instance, a plastic water that I picked up after getting a massage like, Oh, wow, I need to be more prepared and bring my own water containers so that I’m not contributing to the plastic waste that’s going on in our world. It’s a simple example, and I’m finding that my access to leading a greener and leaner life, is noticing all the places where I’m not doing that. 

Rather than making myself wrong, just being with it and saying “Oh, okay. Wow! I need to be a little bit more prepared when I go out to a restaurant or to the different places where I may very likely want to bring home a container of food or have some water available. 

We’d love to hear the different things that you’ve been able to do, whether it’s participating in reducing your food waste or reusing items, gaining lean efficiencies in your officeany ways that you’ve been reducing waste as we go and pioneer this together to create a better world inside of our families, inside of our offices and our communities and ultimately around the world  

The theme of the month in May is “Small Business Week”. And so we’ll be talking about all the different ways to celebrate small businesses. And how they’re the backbone of the economic engine of our world. Then what we’ll be doing here to celebrate Small Business Week 

So with that, thank you for participating in whatever way you did in Earth Month. And if you enjoyed this video, please like it, share it and subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

Bye for now.

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#1. Jody is a person of action intensely focused on making things happen. #2. She’s a big picture thinker and an accomplished business strategist #3. Jody builds people’s confidence in themselves; she develops and brings out the best in people, she is genuinely interested in others. #4. She’s known as the Velvet Hammer, delivering direct communication with loving regard.

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