Today what I’d really like to talk to you all about is what I’ve been thinking about, probably for the last quarter. It is really culminating right now, and that has to do with time, and how, and where, I allocate my time.

I’m finding that things take longer than I thought they were going to. And so, then what happens is, I try to get things done at the end of the day, or in the evening, or sometimes on the weekend, and it spirals out. And, the longer I’ve been in business, the more opportunities come my way. And so, being a yes to life, I want to do all or, at least many, of them.

And yet, I’m finding that when I’ve spread myself out that way, not just with client work, but with other opportunities that come my way, I feel stressed. I’m not necessarily doing my best work.

I’m beginning to think about what’s the sword of discernment that I’m going to use in 2017 to be able to say Yes? And, just as importantly, and perhaps even more importantly, where I’m going to say no.

So, a couple of other things, this is really actually confronting, how long it takes me to do something! Like really, on the court, how long does it take you to do something?

And then, have things that I take on align with my core competencies, my natural talents, the team’s core competencies, their natural talents, my ‘Why,’ our bigger ‘Why”. And, our big ‘Why’ of transforming the economic landscape, could have me go in a million different directions.

But, bringing it back down to what I love to do, what are my core competencies, my strengths, my own personal ‘Why’. And, beginning to carve away those things that are inconsistent with that.

You know, quite honestly, from the heart, that’s hard for me, because I’m interested in many things, and I love people, and when they want me to help them, I want to be a yes! And yet, I find that I’m not necessarily left with the feeling of accomplishment when I’ve taken on more than I can responsibly do, and its on the edges of my ‘Why,’ or my core competencies, my natural talents.

So, going into 2017, I’m actually creating a list of those things I’m going to take out of my to-dos and put them into either “No, I’m not doing that anymore” and ending, or completing, that relationship with that promise, or, delegating it to somebody who has those core competencies and likes and then using that as my sword of discernment in the upcoming year.

That’s it for today.

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