Hello everybody! This is Jody Ann Johnson, People Champion and Strategist, with the 91st episode of “Coffee with Jody”, in this month of July, we’re going to be talking about independence and freedom and how it relates to a variety of issues. We were doing research on which are the days of awareness for the month of July, and I came across some really great ones to share with you today. 

We’re going to talk about “Clean Beaches Week” and the “International Plastic Bag Free Day”. Those of you who’ve been following us for any length of time, know that we’re deeply passionate about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and when we talk about clean beaches and plastic free, the natural Sustainable Development Goal to relate it to is number 14, Life Below Water.  

There are 8 million metric tons of plastic that get thrown into the ocean annually. I want to just be with that for a minute. A hundred million metric tons are polluting our coastal waters and beaches by 2 billion people that live within 30 miles of a coast.  

These are staggering numbers. We’ve all seen and you can look back in your mind’s eye of the last time that you were at the beach and saw overflowing trash cans, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic all over the place, paper all over the place. It’s almost like you go to the beach and feel like you have to go down the beach and clean it up just to be able to be there. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!  

With independence and freedom comes great responsibilities to make the world a better place for ourselves, for our children, for our future generations and for our world.  

There are a number of different organizations that are taking action on these issues. Recently, I bought a toy for our rescue dog Dulce; it’s made from plastic collected from the oceans and turned into dog toys. That’s pretty cool! Check them out:  www.westpaw.com  

We know today that there are many alternatives to using single use plastic bags. We’ve talked about some of those ideas in our previous videos. Such as the rack that you can dry your plastic bags on or taking containers with you to a restaurant so that when you do have leftovers, you’re not bringing home additional plastic.  These are things we can all do to have a plastic free world. We’ll never fully eliminate the need for plastic, but each one of us can take an action and make a decision to reduce the amount of single use plastic that we have in our day in and day out lives. 

This month of July, we have a lot to celebrate here in the United States. As we celebrate our freedom and our independence along with our declaration of independence, let’s keep in mind the great responsibility that we have to mother earth and to our future generations by taking definitive action to stop utilizing single use plastic.  

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That’s it for today, have a wonderful 4th of July and a very fun month of July.

Bye for now. 

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