I’m at the business excellence forum and there’s been enormous amounts of learning, and people, and food, and drinks, and happiness, and running around.

But, in this moment, in this quiet moment, I want to share with you how Charlie, Charlie from Doink, actually won the award last night! A Year ago, at conference, He said: “I am going to win an award next year.”

He chose the categories that he wanted to apply for, and he put his mind to it. And, throughout the year, through the ups and downs of everything, he did that!

He decided last year, made it his goal, and then pulled it off.

So, what does that tell us? It tells us that there is tremendous power in actually saying I’m going for that, having somebody who will hold you accountable, and doing the difficult things. Because some of the things he had to do this year were not easy, to make sure that that actually happened. And then. He won!

And, if you saw the pictures on Facebook, you could see the joy, not only In his face, but in his coach, Doug’s face, and then everyone around him. It was just magnificent.

So, decide what you’re going for, and then get somebody to hold you to account. Have the courage of your leadership to do it.

And then we win!

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