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Jody Ann Johnson here with the 70th episode of “Coffee with Jody.”  Today we’re going to be talking about Wealth and Talent Dynamics. These are profiles that help you to find your natural path to adding value and being a contribution; and for Talent Dynamics those of your team members. Why when you follow somebody else’s advice, it doesn’t work and how you can become a butterfly garden instead of someone who has to chase butterflies with a net. 

No matter how much energy and enthusiasm you have, without a clear sense of direction and a plan, you will soon lose momentum. In such times, you’ll likely seek to motivate yourself or to be inspired by others. However, if you have clarity on your path, your momentum will build naturally from within. Wealth dynamics and Talent Dynamics for your team, gives you that clarity. 

It identifies your natural path to lasting wealth. When you’re clear about your path, you will attract the resources that you need, the people, the time and the energy required to reach your full potential. It explains why your life path becomes your life purpose. And it is based on the life experiences of those who have run this race before us.  

Wealth Dynamics is not about making money. It’s about creating wealth. The reason that’s important is because it doesn’t matter how much cash you have if you haven’t created wealth, you will lose it. That’s an interesting paradox. When cash is flowing in, you have more and more opportunities to lose that cash. That’s because if you haven’t created wealth, any cash you generate becomes a terribly transient condition.  Whatever amount of money comes in or goes out will rise or fall to the level of your wealth. True wealth lies in your ability to give and receive at your full potential. 

Those who grow their wealth are continually increasing their flow, attracting more and contributing more. Think of wealth as a garden, one that is lovingly nurtured and tended to. Those kinds of gardens, bring the most pleasure and attract the most butterflies. While many people are out there trying to make money, they’re mainly doing that by creating a net. Maybe a bigger, better, faster net, but a net nevertheless, and they’re out there chasing butterflies. 

Creating wealth is about creating a butterfly garden that way, regardless of whether there’s butterflies here today or not, you know, there’s always more coming because you’ve built a beautiful butterfly garden. You wake up to a beautiful garden rather than to an empty net where you have to go out and catch some more butterflies.   

Wealth isn’t about how much money you have. It’s about what you’re left with when you’ve lost all your money. Wealth dynamics is a profiling tool that helps you to identify your natural path to creating wealth and to being in your flow.  A profiling tool that identifies which of the eight wealth profiles your natural path is to being in your flow and attracting flow to you. 

Lots and lots of people will tell you, sell it like this, invest this way, build your business this way. Yet unless you have the same profile they do and you’re in the same industry they’re in at the same time that they were growing their business or making those investments they’re selling you can’t do it like them. You need to have your own clear pathway for creating your flow. 

There are eight different profiles in Wealth and Talent Dynamics. So which one are you?  

First We have Creators like Richard Branson- naturally creative, but leave the details to others. 

Then we have Stars like Oprah Winfrey- growing a brand that shines brightly on others.  

Or are you a Supporter like Meg Whitman- leading from the front where people come first?  

Or are you a Dealmaker like Donald Trump- where it’s all about the negotiation?  

Are you a Trader like George Soros- profiting from the great sense of timing? 

Or are you an Accumulator like Warren Buffett- who believes slow and steady wins the race? 

Or you might be a Lord like Angela Markle- where it’s all about attention to detail.  

Or are you a Mechanic like Mark Zuckerberg- perfecting the system for others to use. 

The reason Wealth Dynamics works so well with entrepreneurs is because it gives you your path. It’s rooted in ancient archetypes, and has the same basis as many of the other psychometric tests that are out there. Even so this one gives you an intuitive sense about how to proceed, how to stay in your flow and what happens when you get out of your flow. 

Wealth Dynamics is all about how to create value, flow and leverage. Knowing your profile and the profiles of those around you, and the profiles that you need to have around you is an invaluable tool in your ability to be able to create a butterfly garden that will ultimately lead to your wealth. 

In the next video of this series, I’m going to be talking with you about “How to Fascinate”, Sally Hogshead’s profile on what naturally attracts people and magnetizes people to you. So you don’t want to miss that one. And then the final one where we’ll tie it all together.

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