Zig Ziglar, the noted author of dozens of sales and motivational books, once said, “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” Central to those emotions is a feeling of trust. Without trust, you cannot successfully make a sale or build a long-term business relationship. Without trust, you might as well give up on all your business growth strategies and shut your doors.

Quick Tips for Building Trust

Here is a quick guide for building trust quickly with a new lead:

  • Be sure to ask questions about that person and listen attentively. Their answers will tell you a lot about the person, their priorities, and their needs. That will tell you how you need to gear your sales approach with this person.
  • Understand the person to whom you are speaking. You need to understand how he or she interacts, learns, and speaks.
  • Create a DISC profile for that person. Is he or she a bottom-line person who wants respect? Is that person a friendly person who needs to know you care? Is he a supportive person that needs to know it is OK? Is she a detail-oriented person who wants to know all the details?
  • Use learning modalities to find out how that person learns best. Some people process information visually (“I see what you say”). Some people are auditory (“I hear what you are saying”). Others are feelings oriented (“My gut is telling me”). You need to orient your speech to their preferred pattern.
  • Remove the “We are not the same” barrier. People get very uncomfortable dealing with someone who they feel is very different from them. Look at their body language and reflect it back to them. This helps them feel more comfortable. So, if they are very attentive you need to be very attentive. If they are relaxed, you should appear relaxed.
  • Most importantly, say what you’ll do and do what you say. That is non-negotiable. That means knowing what you can accomplish and stating that in clear terms. Do not over-promise something that you would struggle to deliver. You are only setting yourself up for failure and being unable to do what you said you would do.

Building trust is among the essential business growth strategies that your company needs to embrace. What other methods do you use for building trust with new leads?

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How to Build Trust Quickly With a New Lead

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