Hi Everybody, Jody Ann Johnson here with the 71st episode of “Coffee with Jody.”  Today we’re going to be covering Sally Hogshead’s work, “How to Fascinate.” This is how the world sees you. And when you know your fascination advantage, it gives you a real competitive edge. It becomes your secret weapon. So we’re going to dive into that right now. 

The definition of fascinate is to bewitch, it’s the ability to hold someone’s attention. It’s not the same as interest; it’s actually a much more neurologically engaging way of having somebody’s attention. And it’s almost as if they can’t resist. Now, all of us are born with the ability to fascinate then throughout life we become boring because we’re trying to fit in. 

Sally says that your ability to Fascinate is more important than you being better. That being different is better than being better. Like breathing, swallowing and smiling you’re born with the ability to Fascinate, it’s an instinctive form of connecting with people. Your fascinating traits are your greatest attributes.  

Studies have shown that people will pay up to four times more if they’re Fascinated by your product or your service. So we really want to dive into how you personally Fascinate, and what it is about you that magnetizes and attracts people to you, so that you have a language and a way of actually shaping your greatest asset. 

Some of the ways that people get Fascinated by you is when your eyes light up or you put energy into your speaking. I always say that you can’t hide energy, whether that energy is a positive energy or a negative energy.  When people feel your energy and that’s part of what engages them and fascinates them about you, the people around you read your energy and they respond to that whether consciously or unconsciously. 

Studies show that 93% of your communication is non-verbal, that’s astounding, only 7% are your words. So they’re reading your energy all the time and how your ability to fascinate comes through the energy that you’re projecting.  

Probably one of the greatest myths is that we have to compete with our colleagues in our industry, and that we need to be better, faster, or cost less.  All of those ways of competing can be very easy to topple their flimsy edges. Your ability to Fascinate is actually what will set you apart. As you look through different industries, you can see that successful people are paid more, not from what they do, but who they are.  The “what it is” about them that has us Fascinated.  That is your competitive advantage.  

Commoditization is a silent assassin. Your long term profitability actually depends on you, being able to do more work with existing clients and keep them longer. And your ability to Fascinate is a key factor in your ability to maintain your client base. Your personality is your anti-commodity. You will never be your most successful in an arena where you’re not allowed to stand out. You will never be your most successful when you’re evaluated by criteria that doesn’t allow you to stand out.  

Growing up. You may have been told that it wasn’t a good idea to stand out. You know, that children were better to be seen and not heard. I can recall my grandmother saying “there she goes, riding on her high horse.  This old school way of thinking is deeply flawed. Being invisible is not going to give you a competitive advantage. You will win by being seen and remembered. 

Forbes Magazine’s research showed that 85% of your financial success hinges on human engineering, your personality, your ability to communicate and your ability to negotiate and lead. That only leaves 15% of your financial success to skill. How important is Fascinating? 85%.  

There are seven different Fascinating advantages, and I’m going to go through each one of those with you. Now you are already naturally exhibiting two of them, your primary and your secondary without even thinking. What this assessment shares with you is how people see you. Which is very distinct from the other profiles that we’ve been talking about, which is more about how you see you. We want to know what is it about you that magnetizes and attracts people to you. 

I’m going to go through those seven right now.  

The first one is Innovation. This is the language of creativity, new ideas and solutions.  

The next one is PassionPassion is the language of relationships. It pulls people in close. It attracts them through an irrational and irresistible connection.  

The next one is Power. This is the language of confidence. If you’re fascinating with power, you command by taking the lead. 

Prestige is the language of excellence.  

Next we have Trust. This is the language of stability. This is the language of building trust and loyalty over time.  

The next one is Mystique. This is the language of listening. These are people who think before they speak.  

And then finally we have Alert. This is the language of detail. These are people who are careful and precise 

In today’s day and age they say you have nine seconds to Fascinate. A couple of years ago, it was two minutes. Then it was like 30 seconds, it’s down to about 9 seconds with all of the different social media and distractions that people have. So you’ll need to catch people quickly, and you can do that through your ability to Fascinate and develop your ability to Fascinate. So what we recommend when you learn your Fascinating profile, how you Fascinate best, you can identify the ways in which you are different and then insanely deliver on that difference.  

What I really love about this profile is that it becomes a branding tool for you personally, and for your business.  It can be woven into your marketing and really have you stand out. Remember, Sally Hogshead said it’s better to be different than it is to be better.  

In the next episode, I’ll be bringing all the profiles I’ve been talking about through this month together and how each one of them fits as a puzzle piece and why we do those and the advantage that it creates for you. 

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That’s it for today. 

Bye for now. 

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