One of the keys to your business success is getting your team to buy into the goals you have for the company’s future. When you get them on board with what you have envisioned, everyone will be working towards the same outcomes, which makes success much more likely. How do you get them to embrace that big picture?

How to Get Team Buy-In on the Big Picture

How can you get your team to embrace the destination you have for your company?

  • Be authentic. If you sound like a bad used car salesman when “selling” your vision, no one is going to buy in to what you are saying.
  • Be open and offer your team the full picture. Your team needs to know what your goals are, what part they play in that vision, and your plans on how to get from here to there.
  • Put things into context. How did you arrive at your goals? What is making you move in this direction at this time? The team needs to see the entire context to buy into what you are saying.
  • Tell the story of your company. There is usually a story behind any business. You need to be able to tell that story and tie your vision for the future to that narrative.
  • Connect to big decisions. Your overall vision may require making significant changes to your company, your customer base, your vendor list, or your product lines. Any major decisions you make should tie clearly into the big picture to make sense.
  • Define actionable next steps. Having a vision of the future is one thing. Being able to get there is another. Defining next steps shows you are going beyond the vision to taking action.
  • Acknowledge weaknesses and solve them. Your goals may have some obvious problems. If you ignore them, you are weakening your team’s ability to embrace the big picture.
  • Show confidence in employee abilities. Your team members are going to be the ones there to help you move your business towards that new destination.
  • Celebrate the plan. Your enthusiasm will translate into enthusiasm and positivity in your team. Make it a celebration and get everyone on the dance floor.

Sharing your goals is the only the first step in getting employee buy-in. You have to live the vision of themĀ and be confident that your team can elevate your company to that vision. For more tips on how to have better team performance and a happier team click here.

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