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This is the 63rd episode of Coffee with Jody. This month we’re talking about the 8 LEAN Principles. And today I’m going to go over the last two: 

  1. Differing Irreversible Decisions and  
  2. Respecting People

So here we go! 

Deferring Irreversible Decisions. The first time that we started talking about that in our company, we were like, “What did they mean by that?” So let me give you a couple of ideas. 

The ability to go and hire someone. You probably want to take the time to profile them, interview them, make sure they’re the right person for the role and that you have sufficient work for that person to do. A lot of companies go and hire somebody because they have more work than they can do, they just need a body! But once someone’s on the team, it’s a lot harder to let them go than it is to do the homework in advance before allowing them to come into the company.  

Now, of course, if someone’s not working out you can let them go, but not without a huge cost. So deferring irreversible decisions means to find out as much as you possibly can about the decision that you’re going to make and then make it at the last possible moment so that you have an informed decision and you’re not stuck with something that isn’t going to work for you. It’s a really important decision.  

Another example I can give you is whether or not you’re going to go and invest in social media SEO, marketing and any number of different things that require a big investment of time, resources, money or people. So that’s deferring irreversible decisions 

The eighth LEAN Principle is Respecting People. 

This principle is particularly around respecting the people on your team. The successful businesses out there recognize the value the employees create for your customers, it’s priceless. You’ve heard me say over and over again, the best ideas come from the people “Doing the Doing”, those are the people on your team, on the ground and actually respecting their contribution.  

When people feel respected and valued, they don’t hide. I can’t tell you how many companies I work with, where if fear is present, the team are actually hiding mistakes or they withhold their ideas because they don’t know that their ideas are going to matter, or that they’re going to be taken seriously or implemented. So respecting your employees is a key aspect of LEAN.  You get to retain top talent and you’re not wasting money by having to hire people and then train them over and over. 

You keep the team members that you have, and the respect that you give them allows them to be the biggest contribution to your company. So this last principle is mainly around respecting your team members and making sure that they know it, however, it can also be extrapolated out to your customers, to your suppliers, to your vendors, to your colleagues, out in the community, in your industry and so on.  

So you can spread that respect, but as it’s written in the LEAN Principles, it’s mainly around respecting your team and making sure that they know it.  

So that’s the last two of the eight LEAN principles. I’m going to reiterate them for you if I can remember them, and I think I can.  

The first one is Continuous Improvement. 

The second one is Optimizing the Whole 

The third one is Eliminating Waste 

The fourth one is Building Quality In  

The fifth is Fast Delivery 

The sixth one is  Creating Knowledge 

The seventh one is Deferring Irreversible Decisions  

The eighth one is Respecting People  

In our next session. We’re going to be talking about all of them, how they work together, and then what it takes to implement them in your organization. 

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