A job interview is the time when you get to meet a prospective member of your team for the first time. You reviewed his or her resume and may have talked on the phone. But, the face-to-face part is where you really get to know this person.

Interviewing the Right Way

Knowing how to interview the right way will help you determine if this person is the right one.

  • Know who you need before you start the first interview. You need to make sure that you have a solid hold on the job skills, qualifications, and experience you want. You must also be looking for a good fit for your company culture. Have a clear, concise job description that includes KPI’s written ahead of time.
  • Do your homework. Small business experts recommend spending twice as much time on the prep as you do on the interview itself. Thoroughly review the resume and make note of any questions you have. A quick search on social media will help you get to know the person better.
  • Realize the candidate will be more nervous than you are. You should make every effort to help that person relax. Start the interview with simple, get-to-know you questions. The interview should feel more like a conversation, rather than an interrogation. Are you spending as much time answering questions as asking them.
  • Explain the interview process to each candidate. You can do this before the interview or just as it starts. Knowing what is going to happen will help that person relax.
  • Involve others in the interview process. Having more than one person meet each prospect will give you a better picture of whether that person will fit into your team and culture.
  • Give yourself time to conduct the interview. Trying to jam an interview in 15 minutes between meetings won’t give you the time or mental prep to find out if this person is a good fit or not.
  • At the end of the interview, describe the next steps to the job candidate. Tell them approximately how long it will be until a decision is made. If there is a chance of second interviews, make that known as well.
  • Provide closure. If you had the time to interview that person, be courteous and let him or her know if someone else got the job.

Interviewing for your next team member can be daunting. But a little prep and the right approach will make it easier for everyone.

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