Hi everybody, Jody here with the 54th episode of Coffee with Jody.  In this episode, I’m going to share with you a book Doug and I wrote the foreword for, called Our Time to RISE. It’s an interactive step-by-step pathway to take your business to even higher levels of engagement by being a Business for good. Yeah!  

Okay, here’s the book, Our Time to RISE. Can you see it?  This book, as I said in the intro has a step-by-step pathway for you to be able to have your business be more rewarding, more rewarding to you personally, to the people who work with you, to your customers and clients, to all of the suppliers and vendors and into your community, and ultimately in the world. 

RISE is an acronym that’s actually these words Re-Connect – with your values, your beliefs, what’s important to you. All that to create the, Impact and how you make that impact. And then the S is for Storify – how do you tell your story in such a way that it inspires and engages others? And the last letter is E for Elevate – which is how do you actually inspire people to take an action in their own behalf to be a Business for Good. 

Doug and I actually collaborated on this book with the team from B1G1, Paul Dunn and Steve Pipe. Now this is closely related to our values and beliefs. It’s where the starting place is and kind of tied to The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. If you’re not familiar with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, go ahead and look them up because there are 17 of them and they’ll be one or two or more of those that will resonate with you personally. 

We’ve made our efforts to create an impact out in the world, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of which B1G1 Business for Good is also aligned. But this is about having your business really reflect your own personal values and beliefs, so that it’s bigger than just you make money. So that people have the experience of what it is that you valueAnd that you’re able to tell your  “Story in such a way that it inspires others and ultimately, hopefully, elevate them to take actions on their own behalf.  

There’s oodles and oodles and oodles of information about how important it is to be a Business for Good, one that has that triple bottom line people, profit and our planet so I don’t need to go into all of those with you. There’s lots and lots of stats, but really having a Business for Good does set you above and beyond and give you a competitive advantage.  

So to that end I highly recommend this book. If you’re interested in a copy of it, please let us know, and we’ll send one to you. I think Luisa is making a raffle of some kindso you can play along with her for it.  And just to go back and review it’s RISERe-EngageRe-Connect with your beliefs, your passions, your values, and then what’s the Impact that you want to make out in the world. Then Storify that, and lastly, Elevate others to do the same.  

And this little book gives you a clear pathway to be able to do that.  All the best to you and let me knowhow do you see these applying in your own business? If you liked this video, then please like it, share it and comment. We would love to hear from you! Until next time, bye for now. 

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With 14 years of experience in working with small and medium sized businesses to help them grow, Doug is committed to seeing business owners thrive. Business coaching is what drives Doug.

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