Are you interested in growing your business? Systemizing, it is one of the key components of that growth. Let’s discover some of the keys to systemizing your business together.

Systemizing your business is a key step in the growth of it. It’s important to understand what and when to systemize, it’s critical that you follow the correct order so that you can see the results that you’re after without jeopardizing your success.

There are two basic phases of systemization in a business. There are the initial systems that have to be put in place at the very beginning and the systems that will take the business to the next level of success, but should not be done initially. You may ask, “Why would we separate these rather than just do all the systems at once?”

This is an excellent question, and I’m going to answer it as I go through explaining the different stages of building your business. When we’re looking at the systems in our business and how to grow the systems in our business and make sure that our systems are done properly, and in the right order, we want to think about the steps to growing our business.

The first step in growing our business is what we call the Foundation Step.

  • This is the step to build your solid foundation and make sure that that foundation is solid for business growth.

Once we have a solid foundation in place, then we can move up to Niche.

  • Niche is about putting in the marketing so that we can have consistent marketing that works. And we understand how to bring cash into the business.

After that, we start to focus on systems.

Now, I did say that we use systems in foundation, and remember, we want to make sure that we have certain systems in place at the foundation level, because those systems are critical to making sure that we have the consistency that will allow us to have that stable foundation. But at the systems level, we’re looking at systemizing all aspects of the business. This is where we put in all the rest of the systems that are required to take our business to that next level.

This is where we want to really put those strategies in for the systems that will take us to that next level, which is Team.

  • That next level of team is where we really focus on taking our team to be a team that can run the business as well as if not better than we can.

And this takes our business into the Growth Stage.

At the Growth Stage, we have a team that can run the business. We have systems that they use that are making them very efficient.

We have marketing that we understand, and we know how to make sure that it is effective and continues to grow. And we know how to scale it up, and have a solid foundation to build on.

So we can start to turn up the volume, which will take us automatically into our final stage, where we have the Results out of the business that we’re looking for, that we went into business for in the first place.

Everything in your business starts with your foundation. That’s why I want you to get a head start on Building a Solid Foundation for Your Business.

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