Hey everybody. Jody Johnson here with the 58 episode of Coffee with Jody. In my last episode, I told you, I was going to share with you the LEAN principles that we’ve been focusing on which have shifted a bit from the onset earlier in the pandemic. We were focused on Paul Akers principles of 2 Second LEAN, which were much more related to manufacturing than professional services.  

For today I’m going to share with you, the ones we’re focusing on that are much more closely related to professional services and I’m going to do my very best to remember them all! 

The first one is Constant Improvement.  

The second one Optimizing the Whole  

Third Eliminating Waste 

Fourth Building Quality I 

Fifth Fast Delivery 

Sixth Creating Knowledge 

Seven Deferring Irreversible Decisions. 

And lastly, Respecting People. 

Every one of these is important and what we’ve been doing is each day we discuss one of them and how it’s applying to what’s going on in our business right now. For instance respecting people, isn’t just respecting our team members, which of course we do, we love them. It’s also respecting ourselves, our clients, our vendors, our colleagues, the people that we serve in our community, respecting people across the board.  

That one is one of my personal favorites along with eliminating waste. When we’re doing “Fixing What Bugs You” we’re building quality in and optimizing the whole. So what we’re looking at now is how do we optimize the whole of everything that we do with a client? 

So you can see we’re pretty excited about 2021 in that respect and now without much more to say. I wish you the happiest of holidays and a great prosperous and happy New Year. We’ll dive into how these principles apply to professional services together in the New Year. Bye for now. 

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