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Jody Johnson here with ActionCOACH Team Sage, and this is how well-being actually impacts performance in the workplace part two. The problem is that throughout this pandemic and even prior to that, people were distracted. They were worried and somewhat disengaged, if you will, and then that got turned up to the stratosphere with all of the pressure, whether the company is doing well or is not doing well. This pandemic has brought the solution that well-being practices actually increased engagement and performance in the workplace through five essential arenas.

In this video, I’m going to remind you about what those five essential arenas of well-being are and give you 10 tips that you can integrate into your company to allow for increased productivity and well-being in the workplace. So let’s start with the five arenas that are essential to well-being for all people.

Number one obviously is their physical, career, social life, their financial situation and community. So we’re going to be going through each one of these a little bit more in depth. The physical it’s not just weight, it’s also mental acuity and what they eat, how much they sleep, what they’re drinking and how much movement they get. Some of my other videos we’ve been talking about this quite a bit lately, that whatever we thought was enough it’s not. That going without sleep it’s actually like having alcohol and having a high alcohol level that’s even above the legal limit. When people are missing four hours of sleep at night, the movement,

We’ve all been exercising an hour, three times a week, wholly totally, and completely insufficient. The amount of exercise that a person needs is going to be dependent on how well that person is right now and to be building it up over time. I know that since I’ve been doing the workouts, I’m stronger today than I was at the beginning, before I could do one pushup, now I’m doing 10 times that.

The next is career. What we can do with people inside of their careers is to have a clear career pathway. People really want to know where they’re headed and how they can get ahead in their career. The next is social, and this is both inside the business where in Gallup, they’re asking, do you have a best friend at work? And obviously their social lives outside that has to do with their children, their partner in life, whether it’s a spouse or not. Many times like me, you have a parent and an elderly parent that they’re looking after. So really knowing the social structure of that person and their well-being inside of that arena.

The next one is financial, many people don’t know how to plan for retirement or how to plan for financial well-being, and here’s a lot that we, as business owners can do about that. The last one is community, their own personal community at large, and then the community within your organization. So those are the five essential arenas of well-being according to Gallup, as business owners we can pay attention to our team members.

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