Hi, everyone, Jody here for the 53rd episode of Coffee with Jody. Today we’re going to be talking about how well-being improves engagement in the workplace. So, let’s talk, about how well-being impacts performance and engagement. As someone who’s been certified as a Gallup Strengths based coach, I’ve been really studying a lot of Gallup’s content.

One of the books my team is reading right now is “Eat, Move, Sleep” written by Tom Rath, a key researcher in the Strengths based work, who contributed to the Gallup books Strengths Based Leadership and Strengths Finder 2.0. He’s written several other books and is still an active Gallup researcher. This book has to do with increasing your well-being to levels that you can’t even begin to imagine. Tom battles an extremely rare disease and manages it with food movement and sleep alone, and we find that pretty exciting, so we’ve taken it on here in our firm.

Gallup has found that there’s a very, very high reciprocal relationship between well-being and engagement and that when there are high levels of both, the additive effect and benefits are exponential in terms of people’s sense of well-being, their engagement at work and their performance. Things we as business owners really can’t afford to ignore.

There are five essential areas of well-being. Typically, in the workplace, we focus on physical well-being, but physical wellness alone is not enough to support thriving and high performing teams. As I mentioned there are five essential elements to well-being; your career, social, financial, community, and physical, and each of those five areas have an additive effect on one another, they actually affect one another profoundly. That’s why focusing only on the physical is totally insufficient in the workplace.

In my next video of Coffee with Jody Episode 54, I’ll be sharing with you 10 ways to “Build Resilience” in the workplace, specifically through these concepts and arenas of well-being.

I’m also going to discuss what can happen when you combine your employees’ natural talents and strengths into this equation, because that takes it even further in terms of real performance, a sense of well-being and engagement.

So, keep those things in mind as we look at how we are going to navigate through these uncertain times. Remember its well-being that leads to the creativity that allows us to pivot, to modify what we need to do so that our businesses get to the other side, where everyone wins.

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