Hey everybody! Jody Ann Johnson here with “Coffee with Jody” episode 79th. Today I want to share with you some of the ideas that we’ve either implemented or are currently implementing as it relates to Earth Day.  

As I did research on this topic, I came across an Earth Day site, https://wwwearthday.org that has a plethora of resources related to Earth Day 2021. 

This year’s theme is Restore Our Planet. There’s a map where you can enter an event or find an event to celebrate Earth Day, and the cool thing is it can be anything you can come up with. Anything!  We’re discussing in our office “what are WE going to do for Earth Day? And you’ll hear more about that, we haven’t decided on it yet, but here’s a couple of things that we’ve already done.  

One of them is we’ve subscribed with B1G1 Business for Good, Carbon Neutral Bundle, which for an office of our size, puts a monthly investment towards planting trees and other forms of eliminating the carbon footprint that we have through our use of electricity and so on in the world.  

It’s a monthly subscription and if you’re interested in finding out about how your organization, anywhere from micro businesses, all the way up through large corporations can invest in reducing or neutralizing our carbon footprint visit the B1G1.com website.  

That’s one of the things that we’ve done. Another thing we have really taken on in our firm is the question of how can we become a green business? There’s a green business checklist and you can find it in our newsletter. (If you’re not somebody who’s getting our newsletter right now, you can subscribe to it on our website.)  

It’s a checklist of the ways that you can move toward being green. And then if you’re interested in getting green certified, you’ve probably heard of becoming a B Corp. For this you must pass through a very rigorous program to become certified as a Green Business in a lot of different domainsarenas and practices. I’m just starting to coach a company called Earth Doggy who are a B Corp check them out at https://www.earthdoggy.com It’s an enormously, massive accomplishment to be labeled a B Corp and it’s something we ourselves are taking steps towards.  

You’ve heard of New Year’s Resolutions, well how about if we take on Earth Day Resolutions and create a little list for ourselves of actions that we can takeI don’t want to make it this daunting thing, but we want to take conscious and specific actions to being people to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their waste in the world. 

There’s no better way to start your spring cleaning than getting an action and change begins with being an action. You can make it fun by doing a scavenger hunt with your team throughout your office, to find all the different ways that you may be wasting, whether it’s electricity, water leaks, the air-conditioner setting, any of the ways that you can find and actually make it a game. 

As you look through the list of items on Earth Day Live, there’s a section specifically related to equitable work with decent work and decent wages. That’s not something I would have necessarily thought would be a part of Earth Day, but it is a part of Earth Day. It’s definitely a part of creating a sustainable world.  

So here’s to your sustainability efforts, we encourage you to share with us, what are you doing? What are your team members doing?  Sharing can give us some ideas. And maybe some of these things I’ve shared with you all will give your team some ideas.  

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Bye for now. 

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