Hello, Everybody. Jody Ann Johnson here with the 73rd episode of “Coffee with Jody”. And today I’m going to be talking about Employee Appreciation Day, which is next week and ideas that you can take on to actually show your appreciation for your team.  

So Employee Appreciation Day. Well, I will tell you I started to laugh because obviously we appreciate our employees all the time, every day, but it’s a national holiday and this year falls on Friday March 5th, and that’s a few days or so from now. 

We will do the same old, tired, lunch somewhere for Employee Appreciation Day. And I was thinking, you know, let’s cut away from the tired, it doesn’t require a lot of thought to show appreciation. It’s nice that we’re going to do it, but I didn’t want to stop there.  

So what can you do?  

One thing you can do, which is what I did is you can go on, you can type in ideas for Employee Appreciation Day. There’s a whole bunch of stuff and a whole bunch of gifts.  Whatever different companies such as Etsy and others, where they’ve got some employee gifts sorted out, but there were some others that were just different ideas, like a virtual happy hour or scavenger hunt on zoom, lots of different creative ideas.  

One of the things I’d like to do here is to tie in what we’ve been talking about in the last couple of videos to Employee Appreciation Day, and that is, what is it that motivates your team member, that particular team member.  

I’m going to share about Luisa, who’s actually filming me right now.  Her number one motivator is Altruistic, which is the drive to help. So, I could actually give her an afternoon off or give her some opportunity to go out and do some kind of service in the world. And she would probably appreciate that. 

The next Motivator that’s high for her is Theoretical/Learner. And that is anything that she wants to learn. Maybe there’s a course she’d like to take, whether it’s related to the business or something that she would like to learn on her own.  However, this is a young lady who has a love of learning, whether it’s a recipe, even though she’s not a person who likes to cook, but it could be a recipe. It could be a new trick on the skateboard, it could be physics. It doesn’t matter. She loves to learn. So I can incorporate that into the Employee Appreciation Day and make something meaningful rather than just, “Hey, we’re going to go to lunch.”  

Whether you’re one of the people who says things  like, “Oh, they’re lucky to have a job” or somebody else who has the thought of, “I couldn’t run this business or do any of what I do without them”, which is a bit more like meeither way 2020 was a really, really difficult year. Not just for us who own businesses, but also for our teams.

They had to learn to work remotely they were worried about COVID, keeping their jobs, all kinds of uncertainty out in the world, family members who may have gotten sick and so on. I mean, this year, I invite you to really show your appreciation for those team members who stuck with you, and got us through 2020 and let them know how much they matter. Do this in a way that you can, by being really clear about what motivates them, what their passions and interests are, and then appreciate them in that form.  

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That’s it. Bye for now. 

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