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Jody Ann Johnson here with the 62nd episode of “Coffee with Jody” 

We’re continuing our in-depth look at the eight LEAN Principles. Today is focused on five and six “Fast Delivery” and “#Creating #Knowledge” 

Fast delivery is the first one we’re speaking about today. Fast delivery obviously means from your organization to the customer or the client. And that’s obviously a really important  thing to do. However, there’s an aspect of it that you might not have considered, and I want to share that piece with you today.  

When you get it to the customer fast, they can give you feedback. That allows you to iterate and put in the #continuous #improvement. That’s the number one LEAN Principle. You see they all kind of dance together.  

#Fast #delivery is expected in today’s day and age from Amazon and other kinds of overnight companies. We ordered something yesterday and came today and I’m like, “Oh my God!”, and there are other companies that we order from, and it takes a week or two sometimes more. That’s a little bit of a frustration because we’ve gotten used to fast delivery. 

But that second piece of getting the customer feedback is a kind of hidden jewel of fast delivery. Whether you’re offering a product or a service, if you ask the customer for feedback, then you can keep improving that process or that product ongoing. A true win-win.  

The next principle we’re covering today is “Creating Knowledge”. Now I love this one because I love learning. I’m grateful that my team members here at our ActionCOACH firm also love learning and yet everybody learns in a slightly different way. Some people are visual learners, some people are auditory learners, and some people are kin-esthetic learners. Be sure to keep that in mind. The idea here is that you’re creating knowledge that can be translated to improving a process, eliminating a waste, along with all the other LEAN Principles we’ve been talking about, but also to house a library of your standards and processes, a library of how to access things efficiently. 

Create knowledge so that it’s transferable and allows everyone on the team to have quick access to that knowledge. For people that you onboard to be able to be on board in such a way that they’re an asset rather than a liability in their first couple of months on the job. Another aspect is to create knowledge in the form of educating your customers and letting them know: 

  1. What are the benefits of your product or service? 
  2. What are the hacks?  
  3. What are the new things that they need to know to get the most use out of what it is that you offer? 

Obviously in our business, we’re always creating knowledge to share with our coaching clients and with their teams so that we keep building on that continuous improvement. I think the other piece of creating knowledge is the generosity of sharing best practices within your industry, with your colleagues and letting them know: “Hey, we found a better way to do this, or a better way to do that”. That generosity just comes back to us many times over.  

So today’s episode focuses on fast delivery, getting it to the client quickly, meeting their expectations, but also getting that feedback. Creating knowledge both internally and externally, that allows for continuous improvement.  

With that, if you’d like to know more about how you can apply LEAN Principles to your professional services business, please reach out to me at [email protected],  leave a comment below or visit our website www.actioncoachteamsage.com . We’re always happy to have a complimentary consultation with business owners that are interested in growing their company. 

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