You’ve probably heard the line from a famous Chinese proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of creating a strategic plan for your business, take heart – and take that first step – by answering some important questions. Begin your journey to creating a comprehensive strategic plan that will set you up for a successful 2019. Rather than labor over your answers, I invite you instead to focus on answering the questions honestly. Remember, this is just a launching point. You can explore these questions more in-depth down the road!

  • Where is my business currently at?

This isn’t the same as “Where do I wish my business was at?” Optimism aside, what does your bottom line tell you? Are you getting the ROI you want? How do outsiders view your business? What kind of feedback do you receive from your clients? Give an accurate assessment.

  • What are my goals for the coming year? For the future?

There are no right or wrong answers here. Just make sure these are goals that you’re excited about working towards. Consider both short-term and long-term goals.

  • Who are my key players?

These are the people who can help you achieve the goals you stated above. They might be your investors, management team, employees or clients.

Or perhaps bringing a few new employees on board is the best next step towards achieving these goals.

  • What worked well for my business this past year?

This includes clients that were great to work with, products or services that were a hit, successful marketing strategies and anything else that helped propel the success of your business.

  • What efforts this past year didn’t pan out the way I hoped?

Face it. Some ideas sound great initially and you dedicate a substantial amount of your resources to nurturing these ideas only for them to fall flat. Often disastrously so. It happens. Start by acknowledging your business failures and get back on the horse!

  • How am I going to do things differently this next year?

Make lemonade out of lemons by taking the lessons you learned this past year and applying them to your business practices this coming year. This may mean implementing new policies, firing unreasonable clients, exploring new marketing channels or shifting your target market altogether.

  • How committed am I to making necessary changes to propel my business forward?

You might have the best strategic plan in the world. However, if you’re not excited about it or motivated by it, you won’t have the moxie to see it through. Start small – even a few little changes can shift the trajectory of your business and create the momentum you need.

Need help with your business plan for 2019? Schedule a call with us to find out how we can help you get ready to rock 2019 and have your best year yet!

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With 14 years of experience in working with small and medium sized businesses to help them grow, Doug is committed to seeing business owners thrive. Business coaching is what drives Doug.

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