“Growing up in Miami as the daughter of small business owners, I know first hand how meaningful it is to have a healthy well-round business.” – Jody Johnson

What Makes Business & Executive Coach Jody Ann Johnson the Ideal Coach for You?

#1. Jody is a person of action intensely focused on making things happen.

#2. She’s a big picture thinker and an accomplished business strategist

#3. Jody builds people’s confidence in themselves; she develops and brings out the best in people, she is genuinely interested in others.

#4. She’s known as the Velvet Hammer, delivering direct communication with loving regard

#5. Jody is unfazed by confrontation and able to navigate difficult conversations to ultimately build bridges between people.

#6. She specializes in partnerships and family businesses and the dynamics associated with them to create workability within the organization and their relationships.

#7. She is committed to constant and never-ending improvement in the pursuit of excellence

#8. Jody is someone who is passionately engaged in learning; she’s constantly studying and seeking new ways to solve challenges and helps others to find new opportunities.

#9. She listens for the concerns and commitments in the background of what’s being said and for what needs and wants to happen and turns them into action plans.

#11. Jody’s intelligent, yet knows she doesn’t have all the answers, she has a wide net of connections and brainstorms with them regularly to bring back best practices to her clients

#12. She is an enthusiastic and confident team builder; able to motivate and inspire others

Being an ActionCOACH Business Coach allows Jody to fulfill on her life’s purpose every day.

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Phone: (305) 285-9264

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2544 Swanson Ave, Coconut Grove, FL 33133, USA

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