What is your marketing avatar? Do you know what their current struggles are? Have you ever taken the time to figure out what makes them worried or keeps them up at night? If not, it’s time to take a step back and consider these things.

In this video, we will talk about how to determine these things so that your marketing can address them in such a way that your target market says, “Yes! That’s me. You know me and what I need.”

Hi, my name is Doug Barra. And in this video, I’m going to talk about your marketing avatars and how to have your marketing address them specifically. We want to figure out what’s going on in the life of a person, or an avatar, that represents your target market, so you can better understand and speak their language as it relates to understanding what motivates them into taking action.

Most small business owners don’t know who they’re talking to when they use generic phrases like I’m just looking for someone, or my product would be great for you. These types of statements might work with one customer but not with another because there are different motivations behind how people shop online. So if you’re currently struggling with this, then pay close attention.

We have five questions that will help us define our marketing avatars and know what to say when we are marketing our business or products. What is this person’s greatest worry? What keeps them up at night? How do they define success? Who or what is most important to them? Where would they go for advice about these things?

So how do you determine these things about your avatar? You can take a survey of your current and past customers or even do a survey online and social media groups where your target market hangs out. Ask them to write about their worries, fears, and desires for this year. You can go into deep research mode by reading articles or watching videos on these subjects that focus on feelings rather than facts.

This will help you know exactly what they are struggling with now to show them solutions in an authentic way. If you base your avatar on a real person, this should be an ideal customer that you have or an ideal prospect that you know, then you can actually interview them directly. You want to get this as clear as possible to ensure you’re not trying to sell them something they don’t need.

You want your marketing content and campaigns to be about the real struggles that people are facing so that when they hear from you, it speaks their language and makes sense for what they are experiencing right now. It’s time to start mapping out this persona with more detail than ever before to reach potential customers on an emotional level, with maximum engagement.

The best way to achieve this success in your marketing is to address your avatar’s current struggles specifically. When you can identify what is on their mind, then marketing your business becomes easier. You’ll know which words to use and how to get the most out of each conversation. In our next video on this subject, I’ll talk about how to take this a step farther and really have your avatar saying, “You know me. You know what I need, and you can give it to me. So how do I get started?”

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