Today I want to talk with you about a serious topic in a light way. It’s the end of June, and we’re at what we call mid-course correction for the year.

So, whatever it was you decided you wanted to get done last fall, or the beginning of 2016, we’re halfway through the year now, and you may have done it, done really well and surpassed it, or you may have fallen short in some areas or, perhaps, altogether.

And, what we tend to do as business owners, is to make ourselves wrong, and where we are wrong. And, when we do, then it’s very difficult to gain the momentum, and the clarity, and the energy, to finish the year out strong.

So, the invitation is to just be aware: this is what I said; this is what I did; this is why it worked; this is why it didn’t work; this is what was missing. And then, complete that.

It’s like, OK, got all that, and now what.

When we accept where we are, then we can bring the gift of discernment and creativity, and then create a powerful finish.

So that’s the invitation. It’s fine. Whatever you did up until now, mid-year course correction. Let’s go forward powerfully.

So, awareness of where you are, acceptance of where you are and then get in action, and make it happen.

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